Wildbiene und Funkienblüte

Studie: Bestäuber in Gefahr

Eine Studie des Centers for Biodiversity vom Februar 2017 beschäftigt sich mit dem Verschwinden der Wildbienen in den USA und auf Hawaii. Die Studie ist auf Englisch. Da ich keine Bilder aus Amerika habe: stellvertretend eine Wildbiene im Garten meiner Schwester im Anflug auf eine Funkienblüte.

Das Fazit der Studie lautet:

„Native bees face myriad threats and are in desperate need of protection to safeguard their future. They contribute more than $3 billion in fruit- pollination services annually. And these unique insects, and their pollination services, are vital to the survival of ecosystems. Our lives and culture would be significantly impoverished without these hardworking, underappreciated and declining animals . The data compiled in this report offer s a snapshot of magnitude of threats native bee species face and the extent of their decline . These finding s are in line with those found globally and demonstrate the necessity of more research to fill the data gaps. But what we already know is troubling and should inspire us to act: 24 percent of data- sufficient native bees are imperiled, and 52 percent show population declines. We need to take aggressive steps to better understand and protect our precious bee species before it is too late.“

Quelle: Pollinators in Peril. A systematic status review of North American and Hawaiian native bees. Kelsey Kopec & Lori Ann Burd, Center for Biological Diversity, February 2017

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